A Note From Room Eight

A Note From Room Eight - Room Eight

Quality has always been woven into the fabric of my life. Maybe it's because I have a B.S. in fashion merchandising, or maybe it's because I grew up watching my dad spend his career in the world of retail. Whatever the reason, I've always been surrounded by a deep appreciation for well-made clothing. My friends constantly bombard me with "what are you wearing?" questions, and honestly, I've never believed in gate keeping. I knew one day I wanted to share my love for effortless, and timeless pieces (like every Madeworn Tee I own). 

Then, life threw a curveball. Six years ago, a cancer diagnosis put everything in perspective. That's when I decided to stop waiting and go after what I fucking wanted. Room Eight started on my living room floor, and it got to a point where my kitchen practically became a denim storage unit – a clear sign it was time to expand!

Through it all, I've had the unwavering support of my amazing husband. He's my biggest cheerleader, even when I turn him into a human pack mule with the latest clothing deliveries (or, his personal favorite, a mountain of Bala weights!). 

Room Eight wouldn’t be what it is today without my friend Mel, the woman behind the curtain. Melanie and I share a deep appreciation for quality and a desire to create something special. Mel has been with Room Eight since the beginning, and recently I was able to convince her to join me full time. Her clear eye for talent is proven by the amazing jewelry brands she’s introduced at Room Eight, like Maura Green, Zoe Lev, and River Song. Together we're a perfect blend of crazy, cool, and classy, ready to take the world by storm (or at least, the local retail scene).

So, welcome! Join Room Eight as we explore the world of thoughtfully crafted clothing, curated finds that elevate your everyday life. This is more than just a store, it's a community here, in Delray Beach. Room Eight isn't just about clothes, it's about cultivating a lifestyle – one that embraces quality, comfort, and feeling confident in your own skin.

Stay Awesome, 

Ashley Catronio

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